Gary Hawthorne

Experience embraces several industries from steel, steel fabrication, visual communications, franchise development, limited partnership development, holographic business development, licensing, marketing & advertising, environmental stress management, graphic art, website development, computer peripherals to database administration.

Outsource consultant for Polaroid Business Holography, Hughes Power Products Division of Hughes Aircraft subsidiary of General Motors Corporation, Window on Wall Street, Honeywell Clean Air Machines, Environ, and Tishman West Management Company (The City Shopping Center a mixed use development). 

Licensing highlights include licensing contracts with Apollo 12 Astronaut Captain Richard F. Gordon US Navy Retired, MGM/United Artists All Dogs Go To Heaven II. Developed contract with The Red Lion Hotel in Costa Mesa California  in tandem with The Zimmer Luxary Motor Coach that resulted in Prime Minister of Maylasia's exclusive use of the vehicle during his stay at The Red Lion Hotel.

Planet Kids a planned world wide expansion of company owned and franchise locations for Planet Kids a Space themed child care facility. I arranged a contract for Dick Gordon Apollo 12 Astronaut to make guest appearances at the Grand Openings of all Planet Kids locations domestic and foreign to kick off the Grand Opening and to sign autographed astronaut photos of himself which I coordinated and implemented.  Only three domestic locations: Laguna Hills CA, Orange CA & Fountain Valley CA were opened.


Appeared on National Cable TV Network Techlink TV Hosted by Jeff Levy demonstrating a Zero Force computer keyboard invented by two Professor’s from Cambridge University.


Special Guest on KFI AM 640 Talking about the benefits of Zero Force computer keyboard, a revolutionary method for inputting data into a computer.

Published Articles:

  • Travelhost Magazine-Nations #1 in room magazine 1988 about Zimmer Motor Coach
  • The Spectrum International Newspaper about Holography

I was also instrumental in getting a full page color article on the front page of The Orange County Register’s Business Section an article about Polaroid Business Holography and a retail holography store in the Crystal Court section of South Coast Plaza. Did the same in getting Polaroid Business Holography profiled on OCN at the time Orange Counties only Televised News Channel.

Sales of Structural Steel Contracts Involving Fabrication & Structural Steel Field Erection

  • Bullwinkles Restaurants Claremont CA, Federal Way Washington, Fountain Valley CA
  • Captain Andy’s River Towne Restaurants in Norwalk CA & Lakewood CA
  • Cheviot Hills Senior Center, Cheviot Hills CA
  • Huntington Beach Recreational Facility, Huntington Beach CA
  • Two Story Atlantic Professional Building, Long Beach CA

Licensing Contracts:

  • MGM & United Artists animated film, All Dogs Go To Heaven II the most successful non-Disney animated film ever. Licensing contract involved holographic imagery dog tags, stickers & pogs.

  • The FoodBerts a children’s nutritional property by Jormanshire in Omaha Nebraska.

  • The Pair O Normals a proposed animated TV series by 3 AM Productions about a Pair of Detective’s solving various issues with a cast of unusual characters. 

TISEC (Total Inner Space Environmental Concepts)

Inspired by the Ecology Center located on the Campus of The University of California at Irvine under the direction of Professor Dan Stokals in tandem with Honeywell Clean Air Machines (electrostatic precipitation devise capable of cleaning contaminates as small as 2 microns using negatively charged plates to filter the air and effectively re circulating the air 4 times per hour eliminating dead spots in an attempt to cure the sick building syndrome. Combined with ambient light, ergonomically designed work areas, temperature control and all other aspects of the work environ to effectively reduce absenteeism and increase productivity as the main objective. The feeling was that environmental stress management would substantially reduce psychological stress leading to a more productive workforce. At the time there was a Presidential Committee to increase the productivity of the America’s workforce. For several years annual symposiums were held yielding the findings of the controlled studies done by the ecology center. As meaningful as the findings were, the biggest hurdle was the financial burden for business to implement the changes necessary to be effective. During the breakup of AT&T in the 1980’s I was invited to speak on environmental & psychological stress management as applied to the workplace. At that time there was inconclusive data based on the studies being conducted at the ecology center. 

Worked with World Renown sculptor Don Winton whose credits embrace many high profile commissions serving as testament to his prolific talent. Here are a few of Mr Winton’s commissions,

  • Mickey Mouse Phone
  • Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs Disney Commemorative Coin Collection
  • Ronald Regan Commemorative Freedom Coin*
  • Jimmy Doolittle Bust
  • Ronald Reagan Presidential Bust
  • Mighty Duck Logo for Disney’s CEO Michael Isner*

*As an outsource consultant to Hughes Power Products, I negotiated with Hughes to create holograms of The Reagan Freedom Coin and The Mighty Duck Logo for several applications. 

Worked with Jack Ford, former President Gerald Ford's son who owned and operated California Infospace in over 40 shopping centers throughout California with information booths in conjunction with The California Lottery. Employed video display terminals providing third party advertisers. 

Celebrities I have Met Along The Way

  • Merv Griffin
  • Rich Little
  • Marty Ingles & Shirley Jones
  • Linda Rondstat
  • Apollo 12 Astronaut Captain Richard F. Gordon USN Retired
  • Susan Anspah
  • Wilt Chamberlain
  • Jack Ford (Former President Gerald Ford’s Son)

To Be Continued......

Hawthorne World Wide
Former Marine
Married 34 Years
Sales & Marketing Professional